Model Deepika Padukone

Well it’s not everyday that you find children of established individuals turn to career options other than those that are almost embedded in the family. Well here’s a different story. With her father being a leading sportsperson, anyone would expect the demure and athletic bodied Deepika to easily follow suit. Furthermore she even had the lovely height and agility needed. However this pretty lady chose differently.

From being the known face for leading brands, she’s carved for herself a comfortable and secure position to get her anywhere in the world of Indian entertainment. From being the fresh faced model that walked all popular local and international ramps to being the print face for leading beauty and apparel brands, she’s finally made her foray into Indian cinema. She’s working hard and success has come to her rather quick. In both worlds she’s certainly created a stir and is being hailed as the next best thing to watch out for.

Yes the luring Bollywood that attracts so many. We’re yet to make a judgment on her acting skills, but being cast with lead actor Shah Rukh Khan tells a lot for a beginner’s story. This certainly is the much awaited verdict of the year. It isn’t everyday that a youngster travels the globe with such poise and elegance. Deepika certainly has done the hard work. In such a short span of time she’s seen the heights of glory in the modeling fraternity and chosen to make a career shift in les than no time. With her goals set straight, doesn’t seem like there’s’ much that can hold back this dimpled beauty.