What is Peacocking

Another phrase that is not so commonly used.Peacocking is the use of clothes or accessories to increase the attention you would normally receive. If done correctly girls will look your way more and guys will probably laugh at you. You might experience a lot of social pressure under the gaze of others, so you had better be happy with what you choose to “peacock”, you just might find yourself under a social spotlight if you do.So grab whatever accessory that suits you and that you are comfortable with.

A good Peacocking item should be attention grabbing, cool, and something you feel comfortable having on your being. A good example of A Peacocking item is a wristband with some kind of design, like a dragon, or some attention grabbing goggles. You can checkout this store where gear is sold. Now you most certainly will be getting attention from others some negative and some positive. Thats why it is important that you are pleased with your item that you chose to peacock. Preferably one that says something about yourself, and will install confidence inside of you so you can get speak to the girls and even probably get a lady of your own, with that said just relax and be yourselves.