Youth icon: Denims

Denims have almost reached an iconic status amongst the youngsters and it will be really difficult to point the time of exact evolution of the outfit called “jeans” into a youth icon. Jeans have remained constant though its fashion forms have changed. It is perhaps one of the most versatile materials that have never faded into oblivion in spite of the mushrooming of different materials and attires. Denim is almost an object of worship all across the world irrespective of religion, nationality or sex for that matter. Denim has been conceptualized by fashion designers and worshippers all around the world in the form of skin tight jeans, shrugs, minis, micros, pedal pushers, jackets and many more.
After many a research, today the world can almost wear more than a hundred kinds of jeans fabrics like stretch denim, ramie cotton denim, and poly denim, chemical denim washes and mechanical denim washes.
The different styles available in jeans make it all the more appealing. The trend that has caught on like fire with people all over the world is skinny jeans. Trendy girls love to wear skinny jeans combined with high heeled pump shoes and love to flaunt their figures. Skinny jeans are best avoided for plus sized women as they stick to your body.

Premium jeans cannot be afforded by all and sundry as they are première designer jeans. Skinny flares also caught on like wild fire not very long ago when Mrs.Beckham was seen sporting a pair.