Tarun Tahiliani – Indian fashion designer

Tarun Tahiliani – The top Indian fashion designer. One of the best fashion designers ever produced by the fashion industry is Tarun Tahilani. He was student of Doon School. From the Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania he obtained his degree in Business Management. He found in India that there is large potential in the designer wears and costume garments sector. This prompted him to open his first boutique in India in 1987, which was called ‘Ensemble’ which heralded a revolution in the country’s fashion and retail. This world-class fashion store made in Mumbai housed the up-market designer clothing.

This changed the face of the fashion designing in India. Ensemble also helped Tarun Tahiliani to make his mark in fashion designing. He had polished his technical knowledge when he qualified a degree of associate from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. The defining symbols of Tarun’s marvelous works are style, craftsmanship, quality and also refinement. This Indian fashion designer had been the talk of the town when he designed Jemima Khan’s wedding wardrobe. This celebrated fashion designer is a Bollywood celebrity costume designer and has designed for Simi Garewal and Ramola Bahchcan.

Tarun Tahiliani called his own brand ‘Ahilian’. Ethnicity is what can be found in the designs of Tarun. He believes that Sari has the most dazzling effect and is elegant attire and this brings out the beauty of the Indian women. Fascinated by embroidery of ‘chikan’, he experiments with colors and different fabrics. His unique designing sense makes him a stand apart from other fashion designers. Good going Tarun Tahiliani.