Tanisha Mukherjee

Tanisha Mukherjee Another BONG Beauty ! Another Bengali damsel to have made it big in Bollywood is Tanisha Mukherjee. She is the daughter of the veteran actress Tanuja and is also the sister of the much-acclaimed Bollywood actress Kajol. She was born on January 1, 1978 in Mumbai, India. Tanisha who is an Indian actress is of Bengali-Marathi descent; her family has been working in Bollywood since the 1940s. This beautiful actress from Bollywood actress made her debut with the`movie ‘Sssshhh’. Tanisha Mukherjee was paired opposite Dino Morea. In 1995, she had started her career as a VJ for Channel V. She has also anchored for the famous show called ‘BPl Oye’. Her family is well known in the film industry, her relatives include grandfather from her father’s side, SashaDhar Mukherjee, who was a famous film director. Her uncles were also famous actors- Joy Mukherjee and Deb Mukherjee. Her aunt Nutan was one of the most talented actresses ever seen the film industry. The best actress of the recent time, Rani Mukherjee is Tanisha’s cousin.

Tanisha Mukherjee has appeared as the lead actress in the movie ‘Neal n Nikki’ opposite Uday Chopra. The film was under the Yash Raj banner. Tanisheha’s first movie under the direction of Ram Gopal Verma was ‘Sarkar’, which was a hit film. It starred Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan whom she was paired with and Katrina Kaif. She has even done a Tamil movie opposite newcome Vinay Rai, the name of the movie was ‘Unnale Unnale’, the movie was a big success at the box office. The 2008 release of Tanisha will be ‘One Two Three’ and few more. All the best Tanisha Mukherjee !

Brazilian waxing truths

So, you want a full body wax and you think going to the parlour is an expensive idea, well you’re right. However, imagine if you had a step by step guide that tells you how to carry out your own Brazilian waxing. This is really easy if you invest in a videoshelf DVD because they tell you the facts just as they are which makes things easy for you.

Here’s a step by step guidance for hair removal. Every step is explained in detail and in order so you can be fully prepared for your customized waxing session.

The Brazilian wax video is detailed and easy to follow. As such, all you need to do is get the right products to easy and follow their step by step advice and before you know it, you’ll have skin that’s as smooth as silk and you’ll have avoided the hefty parlour charges.

The elegant Dia mirza

Dia Mirza is an accomplished Indian model and also a celebrated actress of Bollywood. Dia was the second runner up in the Miss India 2000 beauty contest and was also crowned the Miss Asia Pacific for the same year in Manila. Born on 9th December, 1981in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India, Dia attended Vidyaranya High School For Boys And Girls, a school based on the teachings of Krishnamurti, and later Naes School in Kushnuma. This 5’ 6” tall beauty made her debut in the film ‘Rehna Hai Terea Dil Mein’ opposite R. Madhvan which got her career rolling although the film did not prove to be a big hit. RHTDM was an important step in the career of Dia Mirza as this is how she began her days in Bollywood.

Dia Mirza has worked as a marketing executive at Sriven Multi-tech in Hyderabad. Life changed for the better for Dia after she won the title of Miss Asia Pacific. Dia prefers eating chocolates and her favorite dishes include Italian Pasta and Hyderabadi Biriyani. Dia can speak Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, English and Telugu proficiently. In the Miss India, where she was a runner up, she had also won the Miss Beautiful Smile title. Dia Mirza is the second Indian contestant to be crowned Miss Asia Pacific, and has remained the first in twenty-nine years. She has always been independent and is a fitness freak. Dia, a close friend of Sonu Nigam had also appeared in a music video of for this renowned singer. The other films where she has appeared are ‘Dus’, ‘Fight Club’, ‘Tumsa Nahin Dekha’ , ‘Parineeta’ and many more.

Content Writing Service in India

Content writing in India has come a long way. A good copywriting service helps you grow your business with the power of content – to communicate effectively, to sell and to make an everlasting impression on the reader’s psyche through words. With more and more people in India opting for blogs, content writing services in India are becoming quite popular.

There are lots of companies in India and abroad that require original content for their websites like Bollywood news, Indian fashion articles or may be product reviews or technical writing describing their products or services. So, they hire content writers or content providers. Their are many freelance content writers that you can find on the net these days. Infact it has become a very lucrative income generator for college students. More and more students are doing freelance work of content writing. BUT beware, these students often do not possess enough knowledge and experience in content writing. Many of them copy the content from 2-3 sources and provide it to the clients. This can ruin the credibility of the company for whom these content writers are working. I would seriously recommend companies hiring students for content writing service to check their credibility and work thoroughly before making their decision.

On the other hand, such freelance content writers in India are getting ripped off or scammed in many ways by the clients. Many a times these content writers are not paid and the clients just vanish.

This is greatly affecting the original or professional content writers in India. People running professional content writing services have to face tough competition from not so professional freelance student content writers. This makes it difficult for the content writing service providers to convince clients about the difference in the cost and hard work they are going to put in research to write the articles.

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Great hair cut options

Hairstyles evolved as an idea where individuals shared their style quotient over various things related to life. With the growth of techniques and marketing, this became a chosen method for looking good and ensuring a difference that was noticed by all.

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Since how to cut hair is a most informal ways in which customers communicate and interact, the reliability factor is high. This makes customers believe that hair color could be considered as trust worthy sources to know more about products and brands. The high assurance makes the styling and color phenomenon durable and a high quality product. The haircut styles vary with the quality and features incorporated. The forums opened 24/7 and you will be able to browse for your product or style any time you want.

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Guide to hair removal

You are just at the right place for most of the corrective surgeries you ever thought of. Many of you have had skin problems. Vitiligo, eczema, acne and skin bruises. You always hoped for a miracle in dermatology. Well it seems to have arrived; at least almost. Microderm abrasion, paraffin treatments, chemical peels and facial corrections are just what the doctor would have ordered long ago.

Few of us look abject due to a generous dose of surface hair. We try a hundred things and they duly fail. Laser hair removal seems like the perfect idea for cutting through the facial and the exoderm hair. It covers underarms, bikini area, and legs. Masters of the game also talk about various laser choices, merits, opposite indications, directives for proceeding and further cooling methods. Eye protection techniques while facial hair removal is also discussed quite well.

There are also great many techniques for medical spa and massages. Swedish massage and stone massage are simply invigorating. Reflexology is a tried and tested technique practiced here with great élan. Deep tissue massage is just as nicely imparted. Entire tissue healing is enabled through such massages and let a person feel the amazing effects of being worked upon. Pregnancy massage is also on the proposal benches. Medical spa and aromatherapies given also belong to the highest order.

You can find the Complete Guide to Laser Hair Removal at videoshelf.com. You can watch the video below :

Hair Removal Videos   |   Medical Skin Care Video

How to look young

Youth, everyone wants to remain young, but remember trying to look too young can ruin your personality. If you are 45+ and follow the advice of your daughters and the fashion magazines then you will end up looking like you are trying to be 16. Act your age. By following these simple tips you will be sure to stay youthful yet age appropriate.

Get an up-to-date hairstyle. If you are over 35 your hair should not be much longer than your shoulders. Trim your hair, keep it healthy, and get a modern cut that suits your lifestyle and hair type.Hair is an extension of yourself.

Most of the women above 40 can’t go out of the house without applying a bit of makeup. Due to the age color of skin becomes little lighter. It’s important to start out with a great sunscreen and foundation that smoothes the skin to create an even surface. Eyeliner, mascara, and a touch of blush are sometimes all that is needed. At this age your make up should not change depending on what color you are wearing. Matching your eye shadow to your outfit should be erased from your memory.

Get a new pair of jeans. Just throw away that high waisted jeans with a tapered leg, a typical sign of old age mom. Find a pair of jeans that sits below your navel and has a slight boot cut. When the leg of the jean flares slightly at the ankle it balances out the thigh and makes your leg look leaner.

Get some trendy accessories. Don’t ignore the latest trends, just don’t over do it. You don’t need to be dressed from head to toe in the cobalt blue of last season. Instead you could find a great pair of cobalt blue shoes or a fantastic bracelet in that color to make you look up to date without going over the top.

Just start introducing these tips into your look and you will surely be having a fashionably fabulous year. Style is about creating a look that is current and right for you and your body. It is possible to look younger without looking too young.