One two three movie review

‘One, two, three’, a mindless comedy is the latest to offer by the director Ashwini Dheer. The movie stars Suniel Shetty, Tusshar Kapoor and Paresh Rawal in the lead and the supporting cast include Esha Deol, Sameera Reddy, Tanisha, Upen Patel and few others. The film is a story of mistaken identity of three men having the same name ‘Laxmi Narayan’ and also a hunt for 20 crores worth diamonds. The film also has a mindless plot and is very poorly directed; the least said about the story the better. Surely you will need to leave your brains back at home if you want to watch this so called slapstick comedy.

The combination of the not so funny one liner with the senseless story makes the movie a terrible and also a pathetic watch. The direction is below average and so are the screenplay and the cinematography. The music of ‘One Two Three’ is probably the worst in the recent years. All the songs are forgettable; the only solace is the title track. The dialogues are clichéd and do not make us laugh, though there are some exceptions. Performance wise, only Tussar Kapoor as the wannabe don is only palatable. Suniel Shetty gives a good performance while Paresh Rawal does not need to appear in a film like this, his talent is wasted. The girls do a poor job and so does Upen Patel although Sanjay Mishra does a fairly good job. My advice would, put on the television and watch ‘Comedy ka Badshah’, you will have a better laugh.