I like this one

Social networking websites are what drives the Internet today. Wherever you might be traveling you hear people talking about social networking websites and the way it creates online communities. These websites have always been helping people who live far apart of friends who have lost touch get back to each other and this is the reason for their popularity. I am quite a social networking guy and I have always wanted a website that has the added advantage of music.

My wishes came true when I came across 3gb, a social networking website that has over 100 artists and their albums in the website. Yes, you do not need to download and you can listen to any songs you want.

This was amazing as now I could share any song I wanted with someone I wanted to hear the song with. That is incredible because now I can listen to any song together with my friend, online at the same time. It makes me feel, as the person is right beside me. join 3gb community 3gb biz to get this amazing feeling of being together with your loved ones.