bald men are sexy

If you have watched Seinfeld, this most watched sitcom rated on television, you would have no problem recollecting George Costanza, the short bald guy with the poor self-esteem.

What was the reason for his perceived lack of self-esteem, albeit, made light with well-directed humor?

Baldness… and the newly coined phrase ‘bald men are sexy’ pertain only to those who have voluntarily chosen to do away with their tresses, not for the ones who’ve lost their hair.

So, is balding hereditary?

Do hair transplants work?

Another couple of questions with varying answers based on research. And neither do I have an answer to this one not because I have a full head of hair. But who cares?

As long as there is a safe, simple and natural procedure to get a full head of hair back… or should I say ample reason to use a comb?

The good news to the second answer is ‘Yes’!

The procedure patented by and used at the Nu/Hart Clinics, whose clientele encompass rock to soap opera stars and yes, even comedians, have produced well-received results.

So, it’s time to say goodbye to baldness and a lack of self-esteem, by using this procedure which has been implemented successfully on 30,000 happy people, at an affordable rate as well.
For all you know, if they bring back the ‘Seinfeld’ sitcom, we’d have a new and improved George Costanza!