Baby Photoshoot – Everything You Need to Know About Baby Photography

To start with, baby photoshoot is not so fun as it sounds. It requires a lot of homework and efforts to obtain the results the way you want. Once you make the background work, you can dive right in and click the pictures. Before getting started you should first decide what kind of final outcome are you expecting. Without that in mind, you cannot proceed in several things. Here’s everything you need to know about baby photoshoot. Scroll down!

Is Photography Safe for Babies?

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If you have this doubt, let me tell you, so many of have the same doubt. Eyes are the most sensitive parts of human body. And if we are talking about kids and babies, it is natural that we all get little too concerned. And it is totally okay. We are busting the myth and turns out it is a good news to you all. Photography flash light do not affect the eyes of your little ones. After extensive research, doctors have come to the conclusion that, flashlight has no harmful effect on babies’ eyes. They are just as common as the tube light or any other similar light source.

But you all need to make sure that you do not do flash photography in darkness. This is very harmful and has dangerous effects on vision and eye health. This is a bad practice as concerned to adults as well. Hence, always make sure that you do baby photoshoot with enough light. Outdoor photoshoots are always the best both aesthetic wise and ease wise.

Finding the Best Baby Photographer in Delhi

Finding the right photographer for baby photoshoot is not an easy task. If you are in or around Delhi and are looking for photographer, start from basics. Research your way out from scratch. Shortlist according to your requirements. Check their portfolios thoroughly and see if they have what you are looking for. Conduct a couple of sample photoshoots if possible and see the outcomes. Filter them till the end and bring the number down to one.

Kids Photographer – Baby Photoshoot guide

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Once you finalise the photographer for baby photoshoot, next step is to find inspiration. Check out instagram, pinterest, magazines, etc. and search different looks. Shortlist the ones that work for you and your kid. Go for the ones with props and additional elements for indoor shoots. For outdoor shoots however, the background serves enough. Communicate with the photographer on what kind of look you are aiming for. Remember that communication is always the key.

How Should I Dress My Baby For a Photoshoot?

Always dress your baby in the colors that complement her skin tone and the background you are going to choose. Make sure the outfit you choose goes with the kind of lighting you are opting for. Dull colors may look good for day photoshoots but may not quite look good when it comes to night/indoor photoshoots. If you are using any props, make sure all the colors sync well altogether. Do not put too much make up for baby photoshoot. Subtle makeup with great lighting does wonders.

The best way to ace baby photography is keeping is as natural and easy as possible. Do not trouble them with outfits they aren’t comfortable in as this shows up on their face. Kids are not accustomed to hiding emotions as adults. For the same reason, just make sure they are in happy and easy mood for the photoshoot.

Once you have the great pictures you might want to use these for baby modeling. Just search for kids modelling agencies near you and send them these pictures. Who knows your kid could be the next face of some brand !