What are Casting Calls and How Can You Get One

casting calls

Casting calls is the term you hear little too often in the initial stages of your modelling or acting journey. In order to set out as an actor or a model, casting calls make a preliminary and crucial step. If you are someone wondering about what a casting call is or how to get casting calls and more details about them, scroll! 

What are Casting Calls? 

Casting calls are nothing but the series of auditions taken in order to select a particular model, dancer, actor, etc. They play a crucial role for the fact that they are the deciding factor of one’s selection for a particular role or gig. In modelling, casting calls are considered everything. If you are an aspiring model, you must have a clear idea of what are casting calls and what to wear for casting calls. If you do not have an idea of what to wear and how to present yourself for them, do not worry. Here we are up with some dressing tips you can follow in order to make a first impression. 

How Do I get Casting calls? 

Many people think that having a passion for modelling is enough for getting gigs. This is only partly true. Along with passion, it requires a lot of perseverance, discipline and commitment as well. Getting a casting call is not an easy job. You should get started, do your research and apply a couple of tens to get approved for one. This is not a very tough job as long as you maintain right contacts associated with the industry you are opting for. If you do not have contacts, a thorough research and hunt for casting calls online and on social media will do. 

How Do You Get a Modelling Assignment? 

casting calls

Easiest options to go with are google and social media. Do an intensive research and shoot your shot wherever you can. There are websites that post openings for gigs. Apply for them online. Make sure to send your headshots and video clips along with your resume. You don’t want to bother them twice with additional documents as this would only annoy anyone. You can try reaching out for talent agents through social media who may let you know about auditions and gigs. If you maintain a good social media account with your work, that’s ultimate best thing. Talent agents, directors can approach you if they like your work. Always maintain useful contacts whenever through your circle and even when you attend any events. Hand them your contact so they can contact you when they find something suitable for you. 

What is the Best Website for Casting Calls? 

There are quite a few websites on internet to help you with finding auditions. One of the best ones is topindianmodels.com. You can submit your portfolio here to find modelling and acting gigs for serials, music videos, movies, photoshoots, etc. The website is associated with several casting directors, modelling agencies, etc. If you are a model looking for gigs, submit your portfolio and headshots and find your first gig!