Bollywood at US theatres

Under the brand name Big, Reliance Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. (REPL) has put up its socks to start a film chain in US from the next month. The company has claimed that the more than 200 theatres will show both Hindi and regional films particularly from South India. According to a company official who has confirmed the schedule, renovating and refitting of the cinemas that have been acquired is being done and announcement will be done formally about the opening of the theatre later.

The information states that Reliance Entertainment has acquired over 200 cinema halls in 28 North American cities which include New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit and Washington in the last one year. These theatres will have the company‚Äôs name Big instead of Adlabs by which REPL’s cinemas in India are called. An American theatre management firm has been bought by REPL for overseeing the operations of its Big cinema chains. As REPL is in the task of producing Hindi movies and other in other regional movies under the Big Pictures banner, it may also get into distributing movies overseas for its outlets exhibition in foreign countries will help it fix up its distribution venture. It will also screen other Asian countries movies for those not living in their respective countries. Both the mainstream Hollywood movie and art house productions and movies which are made by the independent producer that will be screened will add to the glory of the brand of the Big cinemas. Screening Indian movies will help in making good profit from the US box office.