Rahul Bose

Rahul Bose: Mainstream or art house ?
Rahul Bose who is a skilled actor of Indian cinema is a social activist and also a rugby player and represents the Indian team. He fell in love with theatre ever since he started acting at the age of six, the n he had played a lead role in his school play, ‘Tom, the Piper’s Son’. As his acting grew with him, he played the lead role in Tim Murari’s ‘The Square Circle’ at the Leicester Haymarket in England. Rahul Bose was born on July 27, 1967, he has spent his childhood in Kolkata, later moved to Mumbai with his family. He was a student of the Cathedral and John Connon School in Mumbai and has done his graduation form Sydenham College.

‘English, August’ which was directed by Dev Benegal was his first film. Rahul Bose is considered as one of the most versatile and natural actors of Indian films. Before coming into films, Rahul has remained an advertising copywriter, worked for the Rediffusion advertising agency in Mumbai. For the film ‘Split Wide Open’ Rahul won the Best Actor at the Singapore Film Festival. His almost all films are excellent and his performance in every film of his is appreciated. The films where he has given a commendable performance are Mr. And Mrs. Iyer, and ‘Jhankaar Beats’, these are all international awards-winning films, ‘Chameli’, ‘Everybody Says I am Fine’ for which he won the ‘John Schlesinger Award – Honorable Mention’. He has been called by the ‘Time’ magazine ‘the superstar of Indian art house cinema’.