How Can I Start Modelling Career in Delhi

how to start modelling career in delhi

Unpopular opinion but there’s more to modelling than just glam or looks. Modelling industry has stepped up their standards beyond beauty and for all good reasons with the evolving change in mindsets of people. If you are searching options thinking how can I start modelling career in Delhi, you have come to the right place. Here we have covered everything you need to know about modelling in India. Scroll down to know more! 

What is the Best Age to Start Modelling in India? 

The best age to start modelling in India is 17-18 years. However, if you start at 20, you’ll have a sound emotional quotient and decision-making skills to take better decisions and deal with industry-related problems. This also depends on how your family finances are and how well you tackle the situation. Go with whatever the age that works for you after 17 years. Make sure to keep in mind that modelling is not a career that is just about glam. You have to go through hurdles like any other career. When you think you are ready, go for it.  

How Tall Do You Have to be to be a Model? 

modelling career in Delhi

Well, height is one important factor that decides whether you can get into modelling. The height requirements are very strict when it comes to beauty pageants and fashion shows while they are a little flexible when it comes to personal shoots and events. The height required for males to become a model is 5’10” for fashion shows and high-end events. But for pageants like Mr. India, 5’7” is the height required. When it comes to females, the height required for fashion shows and ramp walks is 5’7”. For beauty pageants like Miss India, the height required is 5’3”. 

In case of men, a well-built body is preferred but abs are definitely not a criterion unless it is for any particular cover shoots or brands. Same is the case of female models. Models with hour glass-like figures are well preferred but that is not it. Females with good height and lean figures are opted for magazine shoots, clothing brands, etc. So, if you are thinking of how can I start modelling career in Delhi, just check with the opportunities which match your height and body type. 

How Do I Join a Modelling Agency? 

how can i start modelling career in delhi

The modelling agency you are choosing plays a huge role in your opportunities in the initial days of your career. So be very careful while choosing the agency. If you are someone from northern part of India, Delhi should be your choice. Delhi is the fashion capital of India and the opportunities there are quite more considering the fact that there are number of reputed fashion colleges in and around Delhi. If you are from east India, Kolkata is a good option. If you are from west or South India, Mumbai is great for you. Mumbai is particularly a good option if you are into acting careers like tv shows, short films, advertisements and more. Bangalore and Hyderabad have decent options as well. 

While choosing a modelling agency, make sure to do your background research on the history and credibility of the agency. Go for the modelling agencies with good experience. Try to get in touch with people who joined there before you. Know about their experiences, payment details, etc. After making enough background research, filter out the ones that work for you and get your portfolio done through it. 

How Much Do Models get Paid? 

It all depends on your passion and dedication. There is no minimum or maximum amount of payment. Initially you receive payments between 2000-4000 INR per assignment. But with time they increase to 10,000-20,000 INR depending on your talent and your client’s requirements. 

If you are still thinking ‘how can I start modelling career in Delhi’, the best way is to get started now. There are quite a few fields to work in. Just make sure you are friendly, smart, and are able to make good contacts. As long as you’re good at these, opportunities are endless. 

Which Modelling Agency in India is best for freshers ?

There are many good agencies that help fresher models in India. One of the best modeling agencies in Delhi is They have been shooting portfolios and promoting models since the year 2000 which is an achievement in itself. Another modeling agency is that is a platform for kids. So, if you are looking for baby modeling for kids photoshoot then visit

Modelling as a career for kids – will develop their talents

Child model

There are many areas that you need to focus upon, if you wish to have a modelling as your career. Anything as your career, you will have to invest time to shine in it. If modelling is your career, you need to have some tips in your mind, which includes,

  • You need to know the industry, you should be able to have a thick skin and also the commitment to win
  • The details that you share to the agency should be informative and more simple – including contact info, your vital stat, height and weight, photo if required
  • The contact info is so much required that you should be contacted after seeing your profile. Also, it must take a few seconds to impress the viewer too
  • A clear photo is very much necessary to have many ads and works for you. You should also fill in your experience in the field of modelling and nothing more is required.
  • Being original is what the agency and modeling industry looks for. Don’t imitate anybody
  • Research the agency and check whether the agency is in the field for a longer time, as well check its genuineness

There are Top 10 modeling agencies in Delhi which shall look in you is all the above mentioned only. If you wish to have a sound career, you will have to follow the above.

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Act according to professionals

How to get my baby into modeling? You will have to certainly send your baby’s photos to the agency to for the ads. Keep your baby’s photo clear and unique. They should be able to understand what the professionals say. Only at that age, you can ask for modeling job for kids. Be prepared to travel with your kid. Check the health of kid regularly, it should not spoil his/her career.

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