Styling Boyfriend Jeans- 5 Basic Ways That Work for Almost Everyone!

Boyfriend jeans for any weather day

Let me disclose the most obvious fact to you first. Boyfriend jeans are not necessarily the jeans you stole from your boyfriend although it’d be a great idea. In fashion terms, anything that is unisex or fits baggy is assigned with the term ‘boyfriend’. Say boyfriend jacket, boyfriend shirt, etc.

What goes with boyfriend jeans?

With the advent of comfortable fashion – celebrities and fashion influencers promoting it, boyfriend jeans have become quite a thing. They have been in trend for a few years and now people are counting on them like basics. Boyfriend jeans surpass skinny jeans in comfort and ease, or do we also say style? Pulling it off takes a little courage and styling knowledge, both of which are pretty easy for the generation’s women who got million style references from Netflix shows and Instagram pages of their favorite style icons.

In this blog, we provide you some ideas on how you can style your favorite boyfriend jeans in five quintessential ways. You can customize these looks and make the most of your creativity. Here you go!

1.     Tube tops

If you are wondering what looks good with your boyfriend jeans, you should give tube tops a shot. A tube top or a bandeau top can be a fantastic option to pair with it. These tops are so body-hugging that they balance out the over-sized feature of the jeans. You can go all the way from vibrant colors to shimmery ones to basics, without the fear of going wrong.

2.     Basic t-shirts

Basic white tee look

Is there anything in the world that doesn’t go with a well-fitted basic t-shirt? The answer must be, No. The trick here is to do a little gimmick in order to create the right detail that lifts the look. Simply knot the t-shirt in the center or on one side and you are good to go. If you aren’t comfortable with doing that, you can try tucking in, that works fine too. The best part is you have multiple options to choose from- graphic tees, printed ones, abstract, striped, slogan-printed, and even the plain ones.

3.     Cropped tees

Crop tee style

Cropped tees are so in-trend right now that if you can’t pair them with something it’s really a turnoff.  If you go for fitted full-sleeved crop tees, they are perfect and you need to do nothing to get the look right. But if you got the baggy cropped ones, roll the sleeves (if you like) and tighten up the belt. The belt here adds structure at the waist and separates the two baggy pieces of the outfit, so don’t ditch that.

4.     Tank tops/ camisoles

Boyfriend jeans with a tank top

Tank tops and camisoles are like the chic version of basic tees, plus you’ll never look like a homeless in them any day. Both of these are perfect to add a little feminine touch to the otherwise sporty look. You can wear tank tops and camisoles as it is, or tuck them or knot them or rip them (jk!) they look perfect with boyfriend jeans in all ways. You can top it off with an over-sized denim jacket as well.

5.     Kurtis with boyfriend jeans

Disclaimer, this isn’t the best idea I got for you all, but if you are into indo-western style and experimenting with new looks, this one is definitely a gem. I’ve seen a few YouTubers, fashionistas sport long straight cut kurtis with baggy jeans and they’ve all aced that look. Wear any of your colorful long kurtis with a pair of washy blue boyfriend jeans and you are ready to roll. You can accessorize with some ethnic jewelry, wear nice sandals, and finish off the look with some tinted lips. I bet you’ll look bomb.

What shoes do you wear with boyfriend jeans?

Well if you’re thinking, which kind of footwear goes well with boyfriend jeans? We’d say, any sneakers from basic ones to bright chunky ones do the perfect job. You can even try boots for a more pronounced look.

These are the 5 simple ways you can style your boyfriend jeans. I’m sure you’ve got a million other ways to style it. Go ahead and stick to the ones that work the best for you. Also, a friendly suggestion is to buy the jeans in lighter shades of blue if you have to buy only one. It’s sufficient and works great with pretty much all the colors.