Fashion trends

The summers have gone and winters are awaited. Every season, certain fashion trends emerge that become beloved classics. This fall is no exception! Here are some of the hottest fall trends that you’ll want to keep in your closet for years to come. Forecast for this season incorporates a musical theme that draws on the link between sound and color, signaling the new desire for multisensory experiences.

For next year, it’s about creating fresh concepts and fresh solutions by taking a fresh approach.The men’s forecast straddles the niche between the thoughtful sophistication of the women’s projection and the nature-inspired mystique of the interiors/environmental palette. A warm range of brown and buff tones, like Mane and Cavern, are offset by inky blues and purples, slate grays and vegetable greens. According to Pantone, there has been a calming down of color over the last few seasons and the same still holds true for Winter 2007.